Today marks a new era for vinyl enthusiasts that seek a beautiful, superior sounding record player music system with elegant design simplicity as Victrola, a leading manufacturer of turntables for more than 100 years, launched its line of Premiere music systems. Adorned with a reimagined logo honoring the historical origins of Victrola and vinyl alike, Victrola Premiere and its flagship V1 Music System—reinforce the company’s commitment to create lifelong music memories in every home by redefining the capabilities of an all-in-one music system.

Highlighlighted by V1’s modern yet timeless aesthetic, innovative advancements in hardware,
and unsurpassed sound quality, Victrola Premiere listeners are taken on a unique journey unlike
any product manufactured throughout its century-long legacy.

With a user-friendly interface and first-of-its-kind features, each item in the Premiere line exudes luxury, simple setup and high performance with every spin of a record, streaming of a song or even your TV’s audio.

The V1 music system meets listeners’ needs for a stereo quality audio system within an
all-in-one, high-performance turntable with internal stereo speakers. A signature illuminated dial
enables simplistic selection of inputs for easy user interaction. Users can crank up the volume
on the illuminated knob to experience rich bass and clear highs on their favorite songs with no
disturbances or needle skips—thanks to the patent pending anti-vibration technology and the
included S1 wireless subwoofer creating an impactful, visceral audio experience. As a complete
system, V1 is compact and easy to set up in the comfort of your home, requiring only a single
button to pair and begin creating music memories in your home.

“Victrola Premiere is a step above what one normally sees in our current product line, and with
the V1 system, we feel we’ve truly gone back to our roots of being innovators of the vinyl
listening experience,” says Scott Hagen, CEO of Victrola. “The detail that went into developing
our new V1 music system represents a new era of vinyl listening that Victrola is gladly leading
the charge on. This is a system we’re proud to hang our hat on and one that will redefine the
all-in-one turntable category.”

The V1’s sleek removable dust cover and wireless remote adds to the 360 home entertainment
experience, providing a touch of functionality to users’ spaces. The one-of-a-kind turntable also
includes optical audio input for use with most modern external stereo systems. Making
memories in the home just became that much more memorable with the Victrola Premiere line.

Key Features
  • Premium 2-Way, internal stereo speaker system producing incredible sound reproduction
  • Patent-pending anti-vibration belt drive system allows your records to be played crisp and clear at high-volumes without distortion from speaker vibration
  • Metal platter with silicone slip mat protects your vinyl and will last for years to come
  • Powerful 6.5” wireless front-firing subwoofer
  • Multi-function, illuminated control knob with built in voice confirmation
  • Metal tonearm with adjustable counterweight and anti-skate features to protect your records
  • Multi-function metal remote control for easy volume and source control from anywhere in the room
  • Vinyl StreamTM technology allows you to stream your record to any external Bluetooth speaker

The V1 is available now at £399.

Press contact: Dom Whaler at Starscream Communications –


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